Video Editing

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Interactive Onboarding Video:

4 Things to Know for Your First Day at B-Side Footwear

Tools Used: Vyond, Articulate Storyline 360, Canva, Audacity, Well Said Labs

Features:  Interactive video, onboarding

I designed and developed this interactive video from B-Side Footwear (an imagined company based on Keen Footwear). This video is designed as a tool to send to new employees before their first day to share expectations and schedule for their first day at their new job. 

I developed the video in Vyond and then used Articulate Storyline 360 to add interactive elements and make this a more powerful resource for the company and its new staff.

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Vyond Whiteboard Video: 

Why Do Your Prescriptions Cost So Much?

Tools Used: Vyond, Camtasia

Features:  Microlearning video, whiteboard animations, closed captioning

I designed and developed this whiteboard animation video for a client in the healthcare industry. I wrote the storyboard and script for the video to the client's needs and specifications. The client recorded the narration for the video, and I developed the visuals in Vyond.

The video is part of a series that I designed and developed that helps patients navigate the complexities of the American healthcare system. The videos are meant to be short microlearning experiences that a patient could watch on-the-go as needed in settings like a hospital waiting room or patient's room.

Shared with permission from the client.

View the storyboard and script for this project here.

Canva Microlearning Video:

Communicating Clearly with SMEs

Tools Used: Canva, Audacity

I designed and developed this short video as part of a 7taps microlearning on building strong relationships with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). 

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