About Me

My favorite part of being an instructional designer and eLearning developer is the challenge that comes with finding a problem that needs to be solved or a lesson that needs to be taught and figuring out the most creative, intuitive, and fun way to foster that learning. I have always loved the feeling that comes with helping someone else learn. There is a moment where you can tell that a lightbulb has turned on, and you know that you have changed that person’s perceptions and life in some way, however tiny or large that may be. I've spent my adulthood chasing that feeling as a passionate educator and curriculum developer. 

I have designed, developed, and facilitated training in gardens, on the ocean, in sailboats on the river, on construction sites, on trails in backcountry wildernesses, in classrooms, on farms, in parks, at conferences, at farmers markets, in board rooms, on computers, online, and just about everywhere in between.

In my spare time you will find me gardening with my husband, baking with my toddler, cozying up with a good book with my cat, or diving into a sewing or knitting project.