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Interactive Onboarding Video

Tools Used: Vyond, Articulate Storyline 360, Canva, Audacity, Well Said Labs

Features:  Interactive video, onboarding

I designed and developed this interactive video from B-Side Footwear (an imagined company based on Keen Footwear). This video is designed as a tool to send to new employees before their first day to share expectations and schedule for their first day at their new job. 

I developed the video in Vyond and then used Articulate Storyline 360 to add interactive elements and make this a more powerful resource for the company and its new staff.

Click here to learn about the design and development process for this project.

Financial Literacy Infographic

Tools Used: Canva, Adobe Illustrator

I designed and developed to help people new to using and having credit to better understand how they can improve or maintain their score. I have used this infographic as part of a much larger financial literacy course for young professionals who are new to making and saving money.

I chose to chunk the information to make sure that learners can comprehend and retain it best. I chose a simple pattern, color, and image scheme to help focus the learner on the information being presented.

Building Great Relationships with SMEs 

Microlearning Course

Tools Used: 7taps, Canva, Camtasia

Features:  Engaging, chunked microlearning course, custom videos, soft skills learning, 

I designed and developed this fun microlearning course for new instructional designers to learn how to build good working relationships with SMEs and other stakeholders. 

The course contains two short videos. The first video was developed in Canva, the second video was developed in Camtasia.

Click here to view the course and learn more about the process of designing and developing this project.

Communicating with SMEs Microlearning Video

Tools Used: Canva, Audacity

I designed and developed this short video as part of a 7taps microlearning on building strong relationships with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).